Happy 3rd birthday, baby blog o’ mine! ^_^ 

Creative type at a desk job = make use of whatcha got.
Quick illo inspired by the Hopi Tribe’s spirit, Angwusnasomtaka - or “Crow Mother.”

Mammoth gives me strange dreams. Maybe it’s the altitude.
Every night I dreamed of an ex-boyfriend wanting to get back together. Each night was a different ex-boyfriend. In each dream I felt happy and a certain fondness, or concern for their sadness that we weren’t together, but I had no desire to reunite with any of them. (Okay, maybe I felt a little inkling of yearning for one ex in particular). But it’s been years since dating any of them.
A quick (and determined) google search yielded vague wishy washies; the blind leading the blind.
From what I gathered, dreaming of an ex is common - especially when entering/exiting a relationship because it leaves us vulnerable; these dreams are the mind’s way of healing itself and working out any pluses/minuses from that relationship.

As I’m now heading back to sea level I can only hope my mind’s affixed all the band-aids it needs so I can go back to dreaming of the usual zombies and falling from a cliff.

En tú corazón se acuesta la llave de la ciudad.

My voodoo high priestess.
(Being in a scientific profession means attending boring seminars and advancing my art. One feeds the other. The other is never satisfied.)

A phrase and a uni•ball pen will do just fine.

New illos for a new sketch series.

What do puppahs dream of when they dream their puppah dreams?


Here are some rare photos of the march on Washington, D.C., fifty years later: http://slate.me/16PhQW0